Tim’s Highlights: Liberty Lightning Game 1 (4/18/13)

Tim has his first coach pitch game of the season today.  His squad is called the Liberty Lightning.  They had a great game and Colleen got a bunch of great shots of Tim playing the field.  So Tim and I made a little video highlight reel tonight before bed.  Here you go:

PS – Tim likes to jump for joy after making a good play (you might have noticed this).

PPS – Go Lightning!


Thanks for sharing this nice little video clip! Played it over and over. I hope everyone who loves to see Tim enjoying the first game so much will like this poem too:

I absolutely love the video! Great to finally be able to put a voice to the face and name! Looks like Tim had a great game! I remember when I was playing baseball at his age. I’ll have to find a picture of myself playing baseball at his age and Tweet it to you!

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