December 2011

Puerto Rico League Baseball

So, once again, Ryan Rowland-Smith has proved himself to be an extremely cool guy.

RRS is currently down in Puerto Rico playing winter ball for the Leones de Ponce trying to prove himself to the MLB teams and earn himself a 2012 contract.  I was thinking about the concept of a pitcher using winter ball to help find his way onto a Major League roster and a question quickly leapt to mind:  “What is the Puerto Rico League baseball like?”

A few years ago, the thought would never have crossed my mind.  But a while back I bought a case of the official FeMeBe (Mexican League) baseballs at my local Rawlings store.  Their texture and feel is so different than an Official MLB ball that I could see it impacting a pitcher’s effectiveness or technique.  I’m not a pitcher so I really have no idea if the FeMeBe has an real impact on pitchers…but the idea got me thinking about the Puerto Rico League baseballs RRS is hoping will help him propel himself back into the Majors.  What are they like?

So I took to Twitter in hopes that I could find out some information by going straight to the source.  I sent a tweet RRS’s way…and he sent one right back:

And sure enough, a few days later RRS delivered:


Cool, eh?  [And, come on, RRS, no need to apologize!]

The baseball looks very similar to an MLB baseball, and very different than the FeMeBe baseballs.  Let’s hope these little pearls help RRS land himself back in a Major League uniform in 2012, preferrably a Mariners uniform!