Progressive Field Panoramas

Progressive Field (“The Jake”)

Cleveland Indians (1994-present)


Progressive Field section 577 (back row):

26 - jake LF foul upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 181 (back row):

30 - jake LF HR bleachers panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 554 (back row):

20 - jake plate upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 519 (back row):

18 - jake RF foul upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 504:

17 - jake RF upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 317 (standing room counter behind last row):

16 - jake rf foul middle panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 311 (front row):

13 - jake rf bullpen middle panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 154:

11 - jake plate field panaramic.jpgProgressive Field 300-level center field concourse:

2 - jake griff HR panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 185 (back row):

18 - jake CF panaamic.jpgProgressive Field section 101 & section 102 (front row from aisle):

9 - jake RCF field panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 113:

6 - jake RF HR field panaramic.jpg

Progressive Field left field gate (Gate A) panorama:

8 - prophetic tarp.jpgProgressive Field section 154 panorama:

17 - jake field level home panorama.jpgProgessive Field section 138 (approx. row BB) panorama:

21 - jake 1B field level view panorama.jpgProgressive Field LF homerun porch panorama:

28 - Jake LF standing room panorama.jpg
Progressive Field section 182 wheelchair seating area panorama:

32 - jake LF wheelchair seats panorama.jpg
Progressive Field section 253 (back row) panorama:

33 - jake behind home back of field level panorama.jpg
Progressive Field centerfield bridge above Heritage Park panorama:

22 - Jake Centerfield bridge panorama.jpg
Progressive Field LF foul warning track panorama:

36 - jake LF foul territory panorama.jpg

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Love all the pictures, including Wrigley Field !!

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