January 2011

Pictures with Players

With all of the photos we take at games, its both fun and helpful to make entries grouping different types of pictures.  We recently finished recategorizing all of our panoramic pictures.  So now, its time to compile all of our pictures with MLB players (in chronological order).  Here we go:

ADAM MOORE.  Tim’s first player picture was with Adam Moore…

5 - Adam Moore.jpg…at the Mariners spring training in 2008.  At the time, Adam was a prospect yet to make his regular season MLB debut.  Turns out that in 2009, we were in attendance for Adam’s MLB debut.

Matt Capps.  The first MLB player with whom Tim got his picture at a MLB park was then-Pirates reliever Matt Capps…

7 - Matt Capps.jpg…at PNC Park.  This picture was taken during the inaugural Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip.

T.J. Beam.  Shortly after the Matt Capps picture, we met T.J. Beam…
9 - T.J. Beam.jpg…another Pirates pitcher.  Beam, Sean Burnett, and Tyler Yates signed that baseball I am holding in this picture (given to us by Denny Bautista).

Ryan Perry.  We got this picture with Ryan Perry at Camden Yards in May 2009:

ryan perry.jpgJack Zduriencik.  Okay, he’s not a player, but we have to include this picture with Mariners General Manager, Jack Zduriencik…

40 - jack z.JPG…taken on the sidewalk in Boston while walking back from Fenway to our hotel after an excellent Mariners win over the Red Sox.

“King” Felix Hernandez.  We got a special treat on the Fourth of July in 2009, this picture with King Felix:

7 - felix warm up ball autograph and photo.jpgThis was taken shortly after Felix finished playing catch with Erik Bedard.  When Felix started signing autographs, Bedard tossed us their warm up baseball.  Tim and I then met up with Felix for this photo and autograph.  To cap it all off, the Mariners beat the Red Sox.

Jason Phillips.  We met up with C&S Hall of Famer Jason Phillips

17 - jason phillips.jpg…for this picture at Progressive Field in August 2009.  Phillips has been extremely cool to us since we met him in ’09.  Thanks, Jason!

Ryan Rowland-Smith.  At the Rogers Centre in September 2009, Tim and I met for the first time and got this picture with C&S Hall of Famer Ryan Rowland-Smith:

14 - TJCs with RRS.jpgScott Olsen.  We set a goal of getting a picture with a player from each team we saw in 2010.  We fell short of reaching the goal, but had a lot of fun trying.  Scott Olsen was our first player picture of the season…

8 - Scott Olsen.jpg…at an April 2010 game between the Nationals and Brewers in Washington, D.C.

Jeff Suppan. At that same Brewers-Nationals game, we got this picture with the incredibly nice Jeff Suppan:

9 - Jeff Suppan.jpgFrank Catalanotto.  May 1, 2010 was a big day.  Kids Run the Bases at Citizens Bank Park and getting an important autograph and this outstanding picture with Tim’s “first batter” Frank Catalanotto:

5 - tims first batter frank catalanotto.jpgRyan Rowland-Smith.  On May 11, 2010, we ran into RRS twice during pre-game festivities in Baltimore.  During our second meeting, we got this picture:

2 - tim and RRS 5-11-10.JPGBilly Wagner.  On May 22, 2010, we met, got a baseball and two autographs from, and this picture with Billy Wagner at PNC Park:

6 - Billy Wagner.jpgTommy Hanson.  On May 23, 2010, we met and got this picture with up-and-coming Braves hurler Tommy Hanson:

4 - Tim Cook & Tommy Hanson.JPGMike Cameron.  One of our goals in 2010 (at least when we weren’t seeing the Mariners play) was to get pictures with former Mariners.  On June 5, 2010, we went to a Red Sox/Orioles game in Baltimore with the goal of getting a picture with Adrian Beltre.  I had forgotten that beloved former Mariner Mike Cameron also played for the Red Sox.  We were very excited to come home with this shot with Cammy:

5 - mike cameron.JPGJered Weaver.  June 10, 2010 was the second game of the Cook Grandfather-Father-Son Baseball Roadtrip of 2010.  We started off the day by getting a baseball tossed to us by Jered Weaver…

2 - jered weaver.JPG…and shortly thereafter he autographed the baseball and posed for this picture with Tim.

Joel Piniero.  At that same game on June 10, 2010, we managed to get a wonderful picture with former Mariners pitcher, Joel Piniero…

4 - Joel Piniero fist bump autograph.JPG…giving Tim a fist-bump for the 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt on MyGameBalls.com.

Ryan Rowland-Smith.  We met up with Ryan Rowland-Smith…

5 - TJC and RRS.JPG…again in San Diego on June 12, 2010 while on the GFS Roadtrip.  After signing that autograph (that I gave to my dad), he chatted with us for a while and posed for this group shot:

6 - RRS and Cook and Son.JPGChad Cordero.  On June 13, 2010, we met, got an autograph from and picture with Mariners reliever, Chad Cordero:

10 - tim and chad cordero.JPG“Cowboy” Joe West.  Okay, so he’s not a player.  But, for good or for bad, he’s a MLB legend and I have to include this picture of Tim with MLB umpire “Cowboy” Joe West…

47 - Cowboy Joe West and Tim.JPG…taken on June 13, 2010 after King Felix pitched 8.2 dominating innings in an exciting Mariners win over the Padres.  The backstory is that home plate umpire Angel Hernandez gave Tim a baseball on the way off the field, which third base umpire Joe West then stole from Tim before walking into the tunnel.  West then came back chuckling at his prank and gave the baseball back to Tim.  I jumped on the light hearted opportunity to ask the Cowboy to pose for this picture with Tim.  He didn’t balk at my request.

Jamie Moyer.  On June 26, 2010, the Blue Jays came to Philadelphia for a series of “home games” at Citizens Bank Park.  The “visiting” Phillies took BP second so we had great access to the team.  It all worked to our advantage because we were able to get this series of three pictures with Mariners legend (and my personal all-time favorite pitcher) Jamie Moyer:

7 - chatting with Moyer.JPG
8 - TJCs and Jamie Moyer1.JPG
9 - TJCs and Jamie Moyer2.JPGThanks, Jamie!  Best of luck in your rehab and 2012 comeback mission.

Bert Blyleven.  July 22, 2010 was our first game back in action after Kellan’s birth.  The date will likely go down as the first time we’ve ever met two Hall of Famers (or eventual Hall of Famers) in one day.  The first was the extremely nice Dutchman, Bert Blyleven:

9 - circle me bert.JPGJim Palmer.  The second Hall of Famer of the day was former underwear model, Jim Palmer:

10 - HOF jim palmer.JPGThe second picture of Palmer earned us some more points in the myGameBalls.com photo scavenger hunt.

Omar Vizquel.  Talking about Hall of Famers or eventual Hall of Famers, Omar Vizquel should be enshrined some day.  The guy is a flat out amazing fielder.  On August 8, 2010, he gave us his “John Hancock” and posed for this picture with Tim:

15 - tim and Little O.JPGJay Buente.  On September 12, 2010 (Tim’s Fourth MLB Anniversary), Tim and I got our 100th baseball from Marlins pitcher Jay Buente.  Before hustling off, Mr. Buente posed for a picture with Tim:

6 - 100th baseball.JPGThanks, Jay!  In an interesting note (and something that I just realized), with this picture with Jay Buente, Tim closed out his first MLB division — he got a picture with a member of each team in the N.L. East in 2010 (Scott Olson of the Nationals, Frank Catalanotto of the Mets, Billy Wagner and Tommy Hanson of the Braves, Jamie Moyer of the Phillies, and Jay Buente (and Brian Sanches) of the Marlins).  Cool.

Brian Sanches.  Shortly after crossing paths with Jay Buente, we ran into another Marlins pitcher, Brian Sanches.  He was incredibly nice.  He signed a baseball for us and posed for this picture with Tim:

7 - brian sanches.JPGNote:  This is one of my wife’s favorite pictures ever of Tim.

David Pauley, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Garrett Olson and Chris Seddon.  At Kellan’s MLB Debut on October 1, 2010, he was lucky enough to get his picture with four Mariners David Pauley (top left), Ryan Rowland-Smith (the first player to get his picture with both Tim and Kellan), Garrett Olson (who had the bright idea of having Kellan wear the ice cream helmet in the picture), and Chris Seddon (bottom right):

17 - kellan with pauley RRS olson and sedden.JPGJack Zduriencik.  On October 3, 2010, we closed out the season at Safeco Field.  We ran into Mariners General Manager Jack Zduriencik in the centerfield SRO area before the game and got this wonderful picture of Jack Z. kissing Kellan:

3 - Zduriencik kisses Kellan.JPGCook & Son Trivia:  Jack Zduriencik is the only baseball executive with whom Kellan, Tim or I have even gotten our picture.  He is easily the most accessible G.M. the Mariners have ever had.  My mom has gotten her picture with Jack about 4 times.  He’s all over the place.

Petco Park Panoramas

Petco Park – San Diego Padres



Petco Park section 302 panorama:

m - petco upper home panorama.jpg

Petco Park bleacher beach panorama:

a - petco park bleachers beach2 panorama.jpg

Petco Park bleacher beach panorama:

aa - petco park bleachers beach panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 132 panorama:

b - petco park RCF field level panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 116 panorama:

c - petco 3B foul line panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 133 panorama:

d - petco RF field panorama.jpg

Petco Park section Park in the Park panorama:

e - petco park in the park I panorama.jpg

Petco Park section Park in the Park panorama:

f - petco park in the park II panorama.jpg

Petco Park bleacher beach panorama:

g - petco park beach panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 230 (back row) panorama:

h - petco park ultimate panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 226 (back row) panorama:

i - petco LF upper panorama.jpgPetco Park parking lot panorama:

a - petco parking lot.jpg

Petco Park section 311 panorama:

n - petco 1B upper light tower panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 309 panorama:

o - petco 1B upper cross aisle panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 118 panorama:

q - petco 3B field concourse panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 120, row 29, seat 1 panorama:

s - petco section 120 row 29 seat 1 ice cream helmet panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 101 panorama:

13a - petco section 101 row 18 seat 1.jpg

Petco Park concourse between sections 223-225 panorama:

27a - petco RF upper deck panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 235 panorama:

28 - petco RCF upper deck back panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 325 panorama:

33a - petco RF foul upper military view panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 327 panorama:

33b - petco RF foul upper end military view panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 102 panorama:

ii - petco field home panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 218 panorama:

iii - petco 2d deck LF foul second deck panorama.jpg

Petco Park walkway between section 328 and Western Metal Supply warehouse panorama:

j - petco LF upper next to warehouse panorama.jpg

Petco Park on top of Western Metal Supply warehouse panorama:

k - petco from top of warehouse panorama.jpg

Petco Park section 322 panorama:

l - petco upper 3B panorama.jpg

Oakland Coliseum Panoramas

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum – Oakland Athletics



Oakland Coliseum section 316 panorama:

14 - coliseum section 316 panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 125 panorama:

18 - coliseum section 125 panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 104 panorama:

5 - colesium RF foul panorama].jpgOakland Coliseum section 101 panorama:

8 - colesium RF field HR panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 117 panorama:

10 - colesium home plate field level panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 224 panorama:

13 - colesium 2nd deck go-eat-elsewhere seats panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 220 panorama:

14 - colesium 2nd deck home side of 3B dugout panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 202, row 10, seat 7:

16 - colesium section 202 row 10 seats 7 panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 247 panorama:

18 - colesium RF upper deck panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 242 panorama:

19 - colesium CF upper deck panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 235 panorama:

20 - colesium LF upper deck panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 231 panorama:

23 - colesium LF foul 2nd deck panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 225 panorama:

24 - colesium back of 2d deck 3B panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum West Side Club restaurant panorama:

27 - colesium west side club restaurant panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum wheelchair accessible seating area above section 210 panorama:

28 - colesium west side club handicap accessible seating panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 213 panorama:

38 - colesium 2d deck below west side club restaurant panorama.jpgOakland Coliseum section 318 panorama:

8 - coliseum section 318 panorama.jpg

AT&T Park Panoramas

AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants



AT&T Park section 148 panorama:

7b - ATT RCF section 145 panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 103 front row panorama:

9c - ATT RF foul line panorma.jpgAT&T Park section 115 panorama:

11a - ATT home field day panorama.jpgAT&T Park in AT&T Park panorama:

18f - ATT Park in ATT Park panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 135 panorama:

12e - ATT LF foul line field panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 145 with sun panorama:

20a - ATT section 145 corner sunny panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 145 with sun down panorama:

AT&T Park end of the pier panorama:

5a - ATT end of pier panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 149 panorama:

22a - ATT RF near foul pole panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 304 panorama:

22b - ATT upper RF foul panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 307 panorama:

22c - ATT 1B upper panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 314 panorama:

23a - ATT upper home panorama.jpg.

AT&T Park section 320 panorama:24 - ATT 3B upper panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 325 panorama:

24a - ATT 3B dugout upper panorama.jpgAT&T Park rightfield wall and McCovey Cove panorama:

25 - RF wall and McCovery Cove.jpgAT&T Park section 333 panorama:

AT&T Park section 336 (left) and section 335 (right) panorama:

25b - ATT LF upper end panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 135 panorama:

27a - ATT LF field foul corner panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 116 panorama:

28 - ATT home field night panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 113 panorama:

29 - ATT 1B dugout field panorama.jpgAT&T Park section 125 panorama:

33 - ATT 3B field panorama.jpgAT&T Park from across McCovey Cove:

goodnight att park.jpg

Great American Bal Park Panoramas

Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati Reds



Chase Field section 140, Row Z panorama:

13 - GrAm RF Panarama.jpgSadly, this is the only panorama we took at the only game we have ever attended at Great American Ball Park.

Chase Field Panoramas

Chase Field – Arizona Diamondbacks



Chase Field sections 115-114 panorama:

5 - chase 3B field panarama.jpg.

1 - chase field team store entrance panorama.jpg.

2c - chase field section 132 concourse panorama.jpg.

3 - chase field section 136 concourse panorama.jpg.

3b - chase field section 136 concourse panorama.jpg.

4 - chase field section 137 concourse panorama.jpg.

4b - chase field section 137 concourse panorama.jpg.

5 - chase field section 139 concourse panorama.jpg.

6 - chase field section 140 concourse panorama.jpg.

6b - chase field section 140 concourse panorama.jpg.

7 - chase field section 141 concourse panorama.jpg.

8 - chase field section 144-143 concourse panorama.jpg.

8 - chase field section above 144 panorama.jpg.

8b - chase field section above 144 panorama.jpg.

9 - chase field CF concourse panorama.jpg.

10 - chase field above pool RCF panorama.jpg.

10b - chase field above pool RCF panorama.jpg.

11 - chase field section 102 panorama.jpg.

12- chase suite 23 panorama panorama.jpg.

12b- chase suite 23 panorama panorama.jpg.

12c- chase suite 23 panorama panorama.jpg.

13- chase field dugout suite panorama.jpg.

13b- chase field dugout suite panorama.jpg

13c - chase field dugout suite panorama.jpg.

14- chase field section 130 concourse panorama.jpg.

15- chase field by teamstore concourse panorama.jpg.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim Panoramas

Angel Stadium of Anaheim – California Angels



Angel Stadium section 258, row 2 panorama:

7a - angel stadium section 258 row 2 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 102 panorama:

9a - angel stadium section 102 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 257 concourse panorama:

10a - angel stadium section 257 concourse panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 249 back row panorama:

12a - angel stadium section 249 back row panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 231 panorama:

12b - angel stadium section 231 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 222 panorama:

14a - angel stadium section 222 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 104 panorama:

16a - angel stadium section 104 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 501 panorama:

16aa - angel stadium section 501 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 506 panorama:

16b - angel stadium LF upper foul panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 508 panorama:

16c - angel stadium 3B upper panorama.jpgAngel Stadium cross aisle above sections 418-419 panorama:

16d - angel stadium home plate upper panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 422 panorama:

16e - angel stadium section 422 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 538 panorama:

19a - angel stadium RF foul upper panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 540 day panorama:

19b - angel stadium RF HR upper panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 260, row K, seat 7 panorama:

21b - angel stadium section 260 row k seat 7 panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 208 panorama:

22a- angel stadium section 208 concourse panorama.jpgAngel Stadium secgion 247 concourse panorama:

34a - angel stadium RCF upper concourse panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 540 night panorama:

35a - angel stadium RF foul upper night panorama.jpgAngel Stadium section 242 panorama:

20a - angels stadium RF HR bleaches panorama.jpg.

Angel Stadium section 416 panorama:

37a - angel stadium home-3B upper night panorama.jpg


Dodger Stadium Panoramas

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers



Dodger Stadium section 51, row J, seat 1 panorama:

w - dodger section 51 row J seat 1 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium aisle between section 51 and 53 panorama:

a - dodger section 51 day time panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 41 panorama:

b - dodger section 41 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 27 panorama:.

c - dodger behind 3B dugout panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 17 (attempted) panorama:

cc - dodger behind 3B dugout-home panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 1 panorama:

d - dodger behind home field panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 22 panorama:

e - dodger behind 1B dugout panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 50 panorama:

f - dodger section 50 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 52 panorama:

g - dodger section 52 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 167 panorama:

h - dodger 2d deck LF corner panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 167, row 1 panorama:

i - dodger 2d deck LF front row panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 149-147 (approx.) panorama:

j - dodger 2d deck 3B panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 118 panorama:

k - dodger 2d deck section 118 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 156 panorama:

l - dodger 2d deck section 156 panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 49 panorama:

m - dodger 3d deck LF panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 25 (approx.) panorama:

n - dodger 3d deck 3B-mid.JPGDodger Stadium section 13 (back row) panorama:

o - dodger 3d deck 3B-wall panorama.jpgDodger Stadium infield reserve section 2 panorama:

p - dodger 3d deck home milano panorama.JPGDodger Stadium reserve section 54 panorama:

q - dodger 3d deck RF corner top panorama.jpgDodger Stadium lower reserve section 60 panorama:

r -dodger 3d deck RF corner on railing panorama.jpgDodger Stadium top deck section 1 panorama:

s - dodger top deck home panorama.jpgDodger Stadium top deck section 12 panorama:

t - dodger top deck 1B panorama.jpgDodger Stadium top deck concourse (1B side) panorama:

u - dodger top deck concourse to LA panorama.jpgDodger Stadium top deck section 13 panorama:

v - dodger top deck 3B panorama.jpgDodger Stadium section 53 panorama:

x - dodger section 51 panorama.jpg

Progressive Field Panoramas

Progressive Field (“The Jake”)

Cleveland Indians (1994-present)


Progressive Field section 577 (back row):

26 - jake LF foul upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 181 (back row):

30 - jake LF HR bleachers panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 554 (back row):

20 - jake plate upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 519 (back row):

18 - jake RF foul upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 504:

17 - jake RF upper panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 317 (standing room counter behind last row):

16 - jake rf foul middle panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 311 (front row):

13 - jake rf bullpen middle panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 154:

11 - jake plate field panaramic.jpgProgressive Field 300-level center field concourse:

2 - jake griff HR panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 185 (back row):

18 - jake CF panaamic.jpgProgressive Field section 101 & section 102 (front row from aisle):

9 - jake RCF field panaramic.jpgProgressive Field section 113:

6 - jake RF HR field panaramic.jpg

Progressive Field left field gate (Gate A) panorama:

8 - prophetic tarp.jpgProgressive Field section 154 panorama:

17 - jake field level home panorama.jpgProgessive Field section 138 (approx. row BB) panorama:

21 - jake 1B field level view panorama.jpgProgressive Field LF homerun porch panorama:

28 - Jake LF standing room panorama.jpg
Progressive Field section 182 wheelchair seating area panorama:

32 - jake LF wheelchair seats panorama.jpg
Progressive Field section 253 (back row) panorama:

33 - jake behind home back of field level panorama.jpg
Progressive Field centerfield bridge above Heritage Park panorama:

22 - Jake Centerfield bridge panorama.jpg
Progressive Field LF foul warning track panorama:

36 - jake LF foul territory panorama.jpg

PNC Park Panoramas

PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates



PNC Park from atop the standing area spiral concourse:

13 - PNC Park LF upper HR panaramic.jpgPNC Park section 302 (approximately):

PNC Park RF upper foul panaramic.jpg

PNC Park section 132 panorama:

38 - PNC section 132 concourse panorama.jpg

PNC Park section 129 (cross aisle) panorama:

37 - PNC section 129 cross aisle panorama.jpg
PNC Park home plate warning track panorama:

32 - PNC home plate field panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 144 panorama:

25 - PNC section 144 panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 137 panorama:

24 - PNC section 137 standing room panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 113 panorama:

20 - PNC section 113 panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 101 panorama:

10 - PNC section 101 panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 105, row V panorama:

8 - PNC section 105 row V seat 10 panorama.jpg
PNC Park right field foul warning track:

4a - PNC 1B foul3.jpg
PNC Park ramp behind bullpens in centerfield panorama:

38a - PNC CF ramp behind bullpen panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 325 panorama:

36 - PNC section 325 panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 317 panorama:

33 - PNC section 317 panorama.jpg
PNC Park walking ramp in left field panorama:

31 - PNC RF ramp panorama.jpg
PNC Park sections 337-336 panorama:

19 - PNC sections 337-336 panorama.jpg
PNC Park section 137 panorama:

19a - PNC section 137 panorama.jpgPNC Park section 339 (back row) panorama:

18 - PNC section 339 back row panorama.jpgPNC Park section 138 concourse panorama:

16 - PNC section 138 concourse panorama.jpgPNC Park section 119 panorama:

15 - PNC section 119 panorama 2.jpgPNC Park section 119 panorama:

14 - PNC section 119 panorama.jpgPNC Park section 333, row 1 panorama:

9a - PNC section 333 row 1 panorama.jpgPNC Park section 13-12 panorama:

9 - PNC section 13-12 panorama.jpg

PNC Park sections 18-17 panorama:

4 - PNC section 18-17 panorama.jpg

PNC 360