The New Guy

Introducing the newest member of Cook & Son Bats…

IMG_8292.JPG…Kellan Patrick Cook!

Look for Kellan to make his MLB debut at Safeco Field on October 1, 2010.



Congrats to everyone. My wife wants the stats.

Phill in Utah (@pjmorgan11)

Congrats! I bet Tim is real excited to have a brother now.

Congrats to the entire Cook family! Can’t wait to see the entries when Kellan makes it out to the park for the first time. And Congratulations to Tim, hopefully he loves being a big bro. Joe

Congrats on second child Todd! Good luck! Hope to see you, Tim, and the newest one Kellan, at a future game next season!


Do I detect father-son haircuts, too?

Either way, Congrats!

-Avi M


Nicely done. 🙂

Congratulations! An additional member to the team is always welcome. We wish him nothing but health and happiness.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Congratulations, and best of luck at his first game

A big O-Me-De-Toh to the entire Cook family!!
Hope October 1, 2010 will be a great day for you all (hopefully Kellan will be the youngest guest in the history of Safeco Field).

Aloha Cook Family – Congratulation on Kellan – You all look great – Good luck and hope he learns to sleep through the night quickly – Todd & Grace (HI)

Hi Tim I like your baby brother. Your baby brother is so cute!
Jessica and Timothy from Hawaii

8 lbs, 21 inches, Mariners fan.

Thanks. Yes, he is. Very excited.

Thanks. Tim is loving brotherhood. And he’s been a great big brother so far.

Thanks. Keep and eye out of me and Tim this season. Unless you’re in Seattle in October, you’ll have to wait until 2011 to see Kellan at the ballpark.

Excellent detective skills. New haircuts all around by order of the wife. Can’t welcome a new son/brother to the world with shaggy locks.

WOW, indeed. Thanks.

Thank you!

Thanks. Can’t wait for his first game!

Thanks. He’ll definitely be a little guy still on October 1st. But I’ve seen some tiny little babies at the ball park. I doubt he’ll be the youngest ever. But possibly the biggest Mariners fan at such a young age.

Thanks! Kellan has been a great sleeper so far. Not making it through the night, but he’s pretty good at eating a bit and sailing back into dream land pretty quickly.

Thanks, guys. Tim likes the little cute guy, too. 😉

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