Hot Dog Model

I received a funny email today.  The author was Sara, from  I’d never heard about website before.  It is a site that is dedicated to discussing the food served a sports stadiums.  An interesting idea.

Sara was writing to ask permission to use one of my photos in one of her entries.  I agreed.  And just like that (as my father-in-law put it), I became a hot dog model.  Here I am, modeling the “Ruthian” at the Peoria Sports Complex, spring home of the Seattle Mariners:

hot dog model.jpgAnd here is the link to the full entry.  If you’re in Peoria, be sure not to miss the Ruthian.


Yum! I want a hot dog too, although I want to just BE at a game even more.

I do remember of this photo, because I had to consult an online dictionary to find out the meaning ot “Ruthian”. Now I can see it’s related to Babe Ruth.

Man now that’s a dog…Looks more like a mini-bat…D

Nice pose! That’s some good pub (or ink as you like to call it)! It would have been cooler to see Tim holding that bad boy though!

Well said.

Exactly. As in, when we go see the Mariners this season, Ken Griffey, Jr. will blast several Ruthian homeruns.

It does. It really is ridiculously big. I mean, compare it to the “MARINERS” on my shirt? That’s a huge hot dog!

I know, what was I thinking? Maybe I didn’t trust 2-year-old Tim with that much mustard. But it would have been a great picture.

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